Fencing headache

Incomplete fencing.

David Vlok, Diep River

With interest I read the letter (“Incomplete fence a danger”, Bulletin January 24) written by Stuart Buckley regarding the incomplete fencing, and the comment from Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott.
Since the article, I have been monitoring the progress of the installation of the fencing. I reside next to the railway line between Diep River and Steurhof stations where the installation stopped approximately 35 metres short of an eight foot vibracrete wall.  
Ms Scott stated that the installation is primarily to demarcate boundaries. Maybe she can explain why 35 metres short of completing the demarcation the work has stopped.
I question the financial position as the 35 metres would not have any impact on this multi-million rand contract.
Ms Scott denies the security/safety of the fencing, but as you can see on the attached photo there is a tunnel which has been closed off with the palisade fencing.
I went to great expense to cut back a hedge to make it easier for the installation. Maybe I was wrong to assume that they would continue and complete the palisade fencing, but at no stage has anybody contacted me regarding this installation. 
I managed to trace and contact a very helpful Mr Visagie from Metrorail who informed me that this is as far as they are going as there is no benefit to Metrorail.
Mr Visagie said they will compete the fence if I go “halves” with Metrorail.
My concern here is that should I go halves with them, and in future a decision is made to change the fencing I will be out of pocket.
The palisade fencing has been constructed on Passenger Rail of South Africa (PRASA) land.
Keep up the good work with the Bulletin and community reporting.