Help Storm and others find homes

Samantha Jones with Storm, who only recently left the security of a cupboard and now spends much time in the cave section of a cat post.

A Constantia woman is caring for a traumatised black-and-white furball after it was dumped in a stormwater drain.

Samantha Jones said Storm, named by her rescuers, had been with her since Friday July 28. The cat was found early in July by two distressed elderly women who witnessed a man putting a small animal into a drain. They went for help to Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha.

Mdzananda spokeswoman Marcelle du Plessis, said it had been late and most staff had gone home when they got the call for help, but some had gone to the nearby drain, where they had heard a soft cry and seen two scared eyes. The soggy furball had been standing knee-deep in water desperately trying to get out.

Mdzananda’s general manager, Susan Wishart, called to passers-by and with their help they heaved the drain cover open.

Taking the soaked cat to Mdzananda, they dried her, gave a warm meal and many cuddles and then put her in a cage in the cat ward. She stayed there for two weeks.

“It was clear that this was one of many traumatising events in her life. She hardly moved, spent her time curled into a ball, hardly eating, never purring, staring blankly and ignoring the world,” said Ms Du Plessis.

Seeing that Storm was in need of some tender loving care they called on one of their experienced foster moms, Samantha Jones.

“To make sure that she was not overwhelmed I created a safe space inside a cupboard. Storm stayed there for two weeks, only leaving to use a litterbox,” Ms Jones said last week.

Then the cat started to leave the safety of the cupboard.

“And now she’s venturing through the house, enjoying her food and lying on a cardboard scratch patch in the sun,” said Ms Jones.

She said Storm has a long road ahead before she would be able to trust humans again.

When she is ready, she will be put up for adoption.Ms Jones said she started fostering after she delivered food to the pet shelter and came home with three cats.

Her husband Kyle pointed out that she could not adopt every cat in need and so she became a foster mom.

That was nine months ago and after undergoing a screening process she has cared for 31 cats and kittens. And all have been re-homed.

When Ms Jones isn’t caring for cats, she’s studying for a PhD in applied maths.

* International Homeless Animal Day took place on Saturday August 19.

It highlights the plight of abandoned and homeless animals that end up in shelters such as Mdzananda Animal Clinic, which depends on charities and kind people for survival. It is also a day to educate people about the benefits of sterilising animals.

If you would like to assist the Mdzananda Animal Clinic by sponsoring a shelter pet, visit, or email