Industrial action causes delay in issuing driving licence cards

Members of the public waiting for their driving licence cards may experience a delay due to industrial action at the Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) in Pretoria.

Jandre Bakker, spokesman for the Department of Transport and Public Works, said while the processing of applications for new licence cards and renewals was decentralised, all cards were issued by the DLCA, a trading entity of the national Department of Transport, meaning the delay would affect applicants all over South Africa.

He said drivers who applied for a driving licence card renewal on or before the expiry date paid R140 for the new card.

They may continue to drive for a maximum of three months, provided they have their application receipts and their old cards.

Drivers who apply after their licences have expired pay R140 for the new card, and must also apply for a temporary licence at an additional cost of R45.

Temporary driving licences are valid for six months.

The provincial Department of Transport and Public Works is advising the public to apply for their replacement cards well in advance to avoid having to get a temporary driving licence.

“We are aware of the frustration the delays might cause and will keep the public informed. This dispute can only be resolved at national level, and the delay will persist until such time as the dispute is resolved,” Mr Bakker said.