‘Lack of empathy’

Ursula Schenker, Plumstead

Many of the elderly are simply devastated by the City of Cape Town’s complete lack of empathy towards its residents by their constant non public participation processes involving service delivery issues.

First it was the municipal rates, then followed the electricity tariff increases according to the value of the property and now because of their failure to plan proactively a water levy is to be implemented.

A request was voted on by full council, which appears to be “the order of the day”, for a proposed water tax, when councillors, who are supposed to be representative of their constituents in council, are thwarting their communities’ efforts of striving towards a “better life for all”, completely negating every promise made when campaigning for their election a little more than a year ago.

The mayor also traumatises residents daily with her radio adverts of how elderly residents, among others, will be
carrying 25-litre buckets of water from strategically placed points when day zero happens. Does she not realise that her utterances are negatively manifesting itself in many?

Being mindful that the old age grant was increased by a mere R90, many who have heeded the call to reduce their water usage are now being rewarded by having to pay a water levy without exhausting all other avenues. It is just ludicrous.