Laws are there for a reason

Maghmood Allie, Plumstead

Admittedly, I am passionate about driving and do my best to obey the traffic laws.

Laws are there for a reason and not a hindrance, as some would think. I doubt very much that traffic laws are promulgated for financial gain.

Hey,with the state of capture of so many sectors of the South African environment, I may be wrong!

My daily experiences on the road would reveal the extreme confidence of our drivers in the abilities of their vehicles. Yes, some would think that a mere touch of the brake pedal would bring a 1.5 ton metal object travelling at 60 to 120km/* to an immediate stop. Such confidence in your braking prowess and stopping power. Sarcasm, you say?

Of course. This would seem to be the only language some understand. Really now, do you honestly think that tailgating at any speed will have any other result but a knock-on effect? Ouch, pun intended.

Considering myself
an educated and considerate driver, I will pull over into the left lane when safe to do so in order that you may continue your race,
uhm, journey. We will meet again shortly
up front in the traffic.

But, I take great exception to having someone -anyone – tailgating me after I in no way issued any invitations to have you sit or park in my boot or back seat. That will be the consequence of your idiotic driving style.

Of course, with the tailgating comes the flashing of headlights and the hand signals when driving in the right hand lane, seemingly reserved for some.

Being considerate, I will move over. Occasionally, it is impossible to do so immediately due to traffic in that lane, it is just not safe. But tunnel vision is dangerous: the tailgater is blind to this and will flash and persist excitedly.

Then the foolish become more foolish: undertaking i.e. over-taking on the left. And that may be exactly where you or some innocent soul will find yourselves.

I could continue
at length on this sub-
ject but, let me slow down! See what I did there?