Mayor calls for nominations for civic honours

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis is inviting people to send through their recommendations for Civic Honours.

Nominations for individuals or organisations to be acknowledged with Civic Honours next year are now open.

The Civic Honours acknowledges individuals or organisations that have distinguished themselves through extraordinary acts of service, outstanding contributions to the wider city community, personal sacrifice and contributions to nation building.

The awards are conferred in the following main categories:

Freedom of the City

This is the City’s highest and most prestigious award, bestowed only rarely, upon individuals, military units or organisations that have distinguished themselves exceptionally and brought global acclaim to Cape Town. Examples of Freemen of the City include former President and Nobel Laureate, Nelson Mandela, as well as Nobel Laureate, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

The Mayor’s Medal

This award acknowledges outstanding contributions that are made voluntarily by individuals or associations in a number of different fields: community service; the arts; social services; youth affairs; recreation and sport; conservation; economic affairs; animal welfare and extraordinary bravery.

Signing of the Civic Honours Book

This is an invitation to sign or inscribe one’s name against a citation of his/her achievement in the Civic Honours Book. This book is kept by the City for future generations to remember Cape Town’s greatest citizens.

Freedom of Entry into the City

The Freedom of Entry into the City is given to military units to recognise outstanding service given to their country and city. Military units that receive this honour may march through the streets of Cape Town during all ceremonial and other occasions with “swords drawn, bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying”.

A Civic Honour may be conferred on a living person or in memory of a deceased person. All nominations must be presented in writing, motivating for the honour to be bestowed and include adequate motivation.

Submit your nomination to the Office of the Mayor at on or before Tuesday December 15.

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