Name and shame lunatic driver

Penny Corbett, Bergvliet

On Wednesday August 3 (voting day) at 10.30am we walked our dogs at Groot Constantia from where my husband decided to run home while I drove along Nova Constantia Road.

Just before I reached the T-junction joining Spaanschemacht, a red Ferrari came around the corner on my side of the road. Fortunately I was 50 metres from the stop street.

He nearly lost control of the car and proceeded to speed away at an insane pace. I did get a glimpse of the driver who looked fairly young – early thirties maybe.

Anyway when hubby reached home, he said he, and several cyclists were nearly run over and the car was (flying). No number plates.

This person must have been on drugs or something to have been driving so dangerously in a suburb.

He put many lives at risk and someone knows who this lunatic is and he must be named and shamed.