Noise polution of prison trucks

Derek Lloyd, Lakeside

There has been a dramatic increase in the vehicles transporting prisoners to and from Pollsmoor to other places all throughout the day and the associated blaring sirens.

The convoys’ noise invades the suburbs, especially early in the morning and in the late afternoon.

Areas terribly affected are Tokai, Lakeside, Muizenberg, Kirstenhof, Constantia, Westlake and any suburbs bordering the M3 or Main Road from Lakeside to Muizenberg.

On the M3 freeway, they are prevalent in peak-traffic hours and expect vehicles to make may under occasionally hazardous circumstances.

This is to the extent that residents in the suburbs are questioning why it seems to be on the increase.

It has definitely become more invasive. Surely there are better or quieter options?

Could the vehicles travel competently and only use the sirens when absolutely necessary?

Is drawing attention to the convoy necessarily a good thing? There must be less invasive, more effective and hopefully more peaceful alternatives.