Railway rubbish

Some of the rubbish littered across the Heathfield station.

Quinton Summers, Heathfield

The subway, the waiting areas and even between the railway lines at Heathfield station resemble rubbish dumps.

There’s been no cleaning taking place here for weeks.
What concerns me too is that most people passing the station seem to have accepted this as the norm.
Even the Metrorail employees, who work here, wade through the dirt on a daily basis without turning up their noses to the filth. Please help.

Ward 73 councillor Carol Bew responds:
It always amazes me how people can go to all the trouble to report service delivery needs to the media and can’t wait to express their discontent.
This could be avoided by having residents become active citizens and logging a simple service delivery request by logging on eservices1.capetown.gov.za/coct or calling 0860 103 089.
This would serve not only themselves but the broader community.
Residents can be active citizens in logging service requests on the City’s service notification system.
The City’s electronic reporting system will provide residents with a reference number so they can track the progress of the request that they have logged.
If residents do not feel satisfied with the service received, they are welcome to contact the ward councillor, who, on provision of the reference number, will follow up the service delivery request.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson responds:
Available resources permit vegetation control and clearing of railway reserves twice a year under favourable weather conditions.
Due to finite financial resources, these contracts do not include “touch ups” in between clearing cycles.
Where funding proves insufficient for the extent of the need, our various customer services managers are encouraged to collaborate with local stakeholders to organise clean-up initiatives in their respective areas.