First time voter wants ‘Christian change’

Cody Van Breda voted for the first time in Plumstead. Picture: Hlumela Dyantyi

Residents from Plumstead stood in line at Timour Hall Primary on May 8th thrilled to cast their votes in the sixth democratic national and provincial elections. An IEC officer said that there had not been many young first time voters at the station for the day, however 21 year old Cody Van Breda stood out in his white ACDP shirt. An avid supporter of the African Christian Democratic Party, who claimed that ACDP would definitely win, Van Breda said he could not wait to see some “Christian change” and was very excited about the elections. He said that he was most excited about the growing numbers in support for the smaller parties and believed that they would bring about the change that the country needed. Mr Van Breda said that he hoped that in the next four years, he would mostly see an improvement in the quality of education, more job opportunities for the youth, better housing and equality in race.