Surviving on the Island of Secrets

Mmaba Molefe from Plumstead is on Season 7 of Survivor SA.

A Plumstead resident who is one of the contestants in M-Net’s reality series, Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, says her competitors may underestimate her “and that suits me fine”.

Mmabatlokoa “Mmaba” Molefe, 28, a personal investment analyst at Coronation Fund Managers moved to Cape Town from KwaZulu-Natal to study for her B.Com degree in accounting at the University of Cape Town.

The reality game show that is screened on M-Net every Thursday night at 7pm is based on a group of strangers being stranded on an island, fighting to win the grand prize of R1 million.

The contestants have to provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves and compete in challenges to earn either a reward or get immunity from elimination.

They get eliminated from the game each week as they are voted off by their fellow contestants until one remains and is given the “Ultimate Survivor” title.

Mmaba describes herself as a steady, easy-going individual who can also be persistent when there are goals to achieve.

She learnt to ride a bicycle in her late 20s and has worked hard enough to be able to afford a plot of land for her mother to build a house on.

Should she be the ultimate survivor and walk away with the prize money, Mmaba says, she plans to build a house for her mom.

The young, successful Zulu woman who has become a firm favourite for her infectious laugh, is on the Sa’ula Tribe.

“I have been so lucky to be in a tribe that has such amazing people which has made me feel really strong and safe with my alliance that I made from day one. I haven’t made any enemies yet, but I can feel the tension growing as people are getting more hungry and therefore really hangry,” she says.

Hangry is a term used to describe someone who is so hungry that they become angry.

Mmaba’s strategy going into the show was to try to be part of a strong alliance and stick with it as far as she can.

“I feel i have done just that, I am part of solid alliance and my tribe has been winning immunity challenges therefore safe from tribal council. So I would say the game is going really well for me,’’ she says.

Her biggest challenge so far has been the rainy weather. “’I only learned how to swim a few months before the game, so every swimming challenge has been a bit tough for me. I’d say my biggest win has been not being the first person voted out.”

Mmaba says she has always been a person who enjoys a challenge and she believes that nothing tests a person physically, emotionally and mentally like the game of Survivor.

“I think people will underestimate me, and that suits me fine.” she says.

Besides being passionate about numbers, Mmaba is also passionate about people and developing communities.

In her spare time, she runs an NGO called African Child which focuses on improving the schooling experience of financially disadvantaged pupils by equipping them with resources, develops young leaders and tutors in Grade 8 mathematics in Gugulethu.

Some of Mmaba’s future plans include running her first marathon.

“Hopefully after the game I will be fit enough to run the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. I would like to also grow my NGO so as to reach and impact more kids.”