Thanks for helping to keep riders in the saddle

Di Longmore, Constantia resident and SARDA volunteer

The community at large once again showed their support for the crucial work of the South African Riding for the Disabled Association’s (SARDA) by generously filling our collection tins at the Constantia Village on Saturday March 25.

We remember your faces and enjoy interacting with you every last Saturday of the month. Thank you, one and all, for helping keep our riders in the saddle and giving them the opportunity to rise above their challenges, for at least one carefree day every week.

To my fellow volunteers, and in some cases their parents, huge thanks to you too, for not thinking twice about giving up your Saturday morning to help raise money for our association.

Despite sun, wind, sore feet, bad backs and pressing schedules, you were there – politely answering the many questions about our looming landlessness – smiling despite the fact that we are all so bitterly unhappy about the situation that faces us, and, ultimately, our riders (“Boost in support for Sarda,” Bulletin, March 23).

The proverbial last but not least, is for the Constantiaberg Bulletin, fondly aka The Bull. Your dedication to keeping your readership informed is something that all other newspapers should aspire to.