Water in focus

Winnie Craythorne, Mark Schafer and Gail Lawson

Capetonians have cut their water usage from 1.2 billion litres a day a couple of years ago to about 600 million litres a day, the City of Cape Town’s water and sanitation boss told the Bergvliet Meadowridge Ratepayers’ Association’s annual general meeting last week.

About 70 people attended the meeting at Sweet Valley Primary School.

Xanthea Limberg, Mayco member for informal settlements, water and waste services and energy, spoke at length about the steps taken to better manage the City’s water supply and consumption.

Responding to a resident’s question, she said the City had no plans to use stormwater in its 800 water detention ponds.

In his chairman’s report, Mark Shafer said the City was not doing enough for street people and there should be night shelters every 2km apart.

He also addressed the need for dog parks (See letter on page 2).

“It happens all over the world, people living in apartment blocks cannot exercise dogs. They need to walk in the neighbourhood but where it is safe. Dogs need to walk off leash and sites need to be identified where they can run free in a controlled space,” said Mr Shafer.

The Municipal Planning Tribunal had received 19 objections to subdivide a 1 838m2 site into four portions at Squirrel’s Leap, in Timber Way, on the corner of Homestead Avenue and next to Bergvliet Farm, he said.

To join the BMRA, call 021 761 7834, or email membership@bmra.co.za