Halloween spooktacular success

Rebecca Henderson, Emma Henderson and Rebecca Smith are served sweeties by Hannah Martin.
They came out in force,  cowboys, cats, a crocodile, fairies, a fox, witches and warriors, skeletons and a samurai. Some toddlers transforming into their favourite superheroes – Superman a favourite. Decorated with blood and paint, adorned with horns, tridents, axes and swords. Traipsing through roads, stopping at houses designated for trick or treats. The second Halloween Spooktacular picnic, organised by Bergvliet Kreupelbosch Meadowridge (BKM) Watching was a resounding success for well over 1000 adults and children. BKM chairman Brian Wilkinson said the idea for the event is to engender community spirit and people from behind their high walls and to get to know their neighbours.

Contact them by calling the office at 021 795 0330, or email office@bkmwatch.org.za