A woman of cryptic worth

Reverend Beulah Durrheim, Kirstenhof

I’d like to introduce you to someone

She may have been hidden behind a gentle mist

But as the sun rays melt away the misconceptions of her

You will stand in awe, struck by a dazzling sight…

Standing before you is…

A woman of unfathomable worth.

She looks to the Sun and gathers her strength

She soaks up the rain and washes away fears

She stands resolute in the wind, more sure of herself

She listens to the thunder and awakens her true self

She touches the dew drop and lets gentle healing in

She howls to the moon and discovers her voice

She runs through the leaves and rediscovers the child

She jumps into the waves and acknowledges her own ocean

She picks the fruits of the vine and tastes her own sweetness

She stands on a mountaintop high and celebrates her worth

She tenderly cups a flower and finds that it mirrors her own beauty

She dances in the stream singing songs of freedom

She is a woman of unfathomable worth

She is unstoppable

She rises above the storm

She reaches for the highest star

She is a mystery still to be discovered

She is not to be underestimated

She is one of a kind

So when you have the privilege of spending a moment in time with her

Catch a glimpse of her unquenchable spirit

You will find yourself unable to breathe,

mesmerized by her gaze

Whatever you do, don’t blink,

Give her the appreciation and respect she deserves

Because standing before you is

A woman of unfathomable worth!

Dedicated to Charmaine Marcia McKinney