Bergvliet matrics exhibit art at Blue Route Mall

Bergvliet High School matric pupil Radek Hendriksz next to a display of his art. The school’s matrics exhibited their work at Blue Route Mall last week.

Bergvliet High School matric pupils exhibited their art portfolios at Blue Route Mall last week.

The school’s principal Stephen Price approached the mall with the idea of showing the pupils’ work to the wider community.

He retires next year, and several portraits of him were included in the exhibition as a tribute.

“I was unsure of what to expect, but I was delighted that each portrait captured something different,“ he said. ”To be able to paint a portrait takes exceptional talent, and I am thrilled at the various interpretations. It is indeed an honour to be acknowledged in this unique way by the learners. Very special.“

He thanked Saroj Shukla, the head of creative and visual art at the school, for being the driving force behind the art exhibition.

Bergvliet High School principal Stephen Price was delighted with his pupils’ portraits of him.
Art teacher Saroj Shukla, seen here with matric pupil Amirah Salie, was the driving force behind the art exhibition.
Jodi Lurie mixed pencil sketches and acrylic paint for her portfolio of work.
Kelly Fortune’s work comprises mostly portraits.
Tehya Wimmers with a collection of her work.
Gemma de Jongh with her whimsical creations.