Girl Guides break Guiness World Record

More than 280 Girl Guides took part breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest string of plastic bottle tops.

Bergvliet Girl Guides were among 280 girls who broke the Guinness World Record for the longest string of plastic bottle tops. The previous record was 117 040 and the new record is 121 600, measuring over 1.3km.

Bergvliet Guider and event co-ordinator Tanya Prinsloo says they have been collecting bottle tops for almost six months.

“Not only did we set a world record, but we recycled over 2.6 tons of plastic and all of the proceeds from this recycling will be donated to Operation Smile for one complete cleft lip, cleft palate operation,” says Ms Prinsloo.

The event was held at Old Mutual Sports ground in Pinelands on Wednesday April 4.

Lauren Bright, country manager of Operation Smile, says the event was a good way to get the community engaged in their fund-raising. “The money that is raised from the recycled bottle tops enables us to give cleft palate surgery to children in marginalised areas,” says Ms Bright. She says an operation costs R5 500 each and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Girl Guides Cape West have also have also received a donation from fellow Girl Guides in Scotland. They attended the event while on holiday in South Africa, and with their generous donation they are now able to fund two operations.

“We’re so proud of all of our girls, parents, grandparents, family and friends who all came together to help us achieve this incredible record. Thanks also to the members of the public who helped and a huge thank you to Old Mutual for the use of their premises and to Fair Cape who so generously provided a VIP tent on the day and also donated milkshakes and yoghurts to all the kids,” says Ms Prinsloo.