Green and gold at eco awards

From left, editor of Enviropaedia, David Parry-Davies; Chantelle van Staden of Hennops Revival who took silver in the Eco-Community & Schools category and Louise Matschke of Nature Connect who took bronze in the Nature Conservation category.

A clothing and accessories company in Westlake took gold in the Eco-Fashion and Lifestyle category at the 2022 Eco-Champions Ecologic Awards.

The 11th annual “glamorously green” event was hosted by the Enviropaedia at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Thursday September 22. It identifies individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world and encourage consumers to purchase their products and services.

Using industrial hemp, Hemporium Hemp Textiles offers a range of products from clothing to cosmetics, accessories, greener building materials and CBD oil products, all made from hemp while avoiding toxic pesticides and plastic use.

Hemporium also collaborates with women’s empowerment foundation H18 that produces a handcrafts range of hemp accessories while also uplifting and providing skills to women.

Nature Connect, previously known as the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust, took a bronze award in the Nature Conservation category. Through its creche to career model, the not-for-profit aims to achieve sustainability through environmentally-empowered citizenry to achieve zero species and habitat loss.

Enviropaedia publisher, David Parry-Davies said, “these Eco-Champions give us reason for hope and optimism as they inspire us and demonstrate that through Eco-Logical Intelligence, we can all make a significant positive impact, and collectively we can heal this planet, and in the process, heal ourselves.”

Tarryn Johnson, left, took bronze in the Eco Angel category with Kim Kruyshaar of the Green Audits Into Action Sustainability.
“Glamorously green”, from left, Chad Swart of Parklands, Tony Budden of Noordhoek and director of Hemporium with Clinton Johns of Durbanville.
Keeping to the theme of “glamorously green”, Lara and Shawn Van Rensburg of Tokai and TEARS Animal Rescue.
Winners of prizes in the “glamorously green” theme, from left, Guy Midgley, Talitha Noble, Abraham Avenant, Dionne Avenant, Leanne Keizer, Tarryn Johnston and Neville Van Rooyen.