Inverter a ‘game changer’ for SPCA shop

A company has donated an inverter to the SPCA Vet Shop in Gabriel Road following a burglary there during a power cut last month. Cape of Good Hope SPCA CEO Moyo Ndukwana, second from left, and SPCA Vet Shop assistant Quanita Adams, far right, are seen here with the company’s representatives, from left, Shannon Kelly, Robin Rolfe, and Mark Bristow. Photograph: Supplied

A company has donated an inverter to the SPCA Vet Shop in Plumstead to help it keep its burglar alarm running during power cuts after the shop was broken into and ransacked last month.

Stage 6 load shedding with its frequent and lengthy blackouts had left the shop’s alarm and camera systems powerless, leaving it vulnerable to criminals, said SPCA spokeswoman Belinda Abraham.

An uninterrupted power supply to the shop’s security system was of critical importance, she said.

The inverter system, which could be monitored remotely, would now keep the shop’s power on when Eskom turned it off, she said.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s CEO, Moyo Ndukwana, called the inverter a “game changer” and said it would protect the shop as a source of income for the SPCA.

“It’s a gift that will keep on giving because all profits generated via our Vet Shops go directly back to our day-to-day operations. This donation will ensure that we can continue our animal rescue work,” he said.

Mark Bristow, the company’s director, said: “We admire the SPCA’s work and their efforts to help themselves via an income generating initiative, and wanted to support that.”