Irate Tokai beggar sets fire to bins

Tokai residents have complained on social media about a man who set fire to several municipal wheelie bins.

Tamika Leigh De Jager wrote on the Tokai Community Facebook group: “Thank you to the lady who rang the doorbell this morning (Wednesday) informing us that our dustbin, and others in the road, had been set alight. Apparently the person setting them alight has been apprehended.”

Michaela de Araujo replied: “According to the neighbourhood watch the person was asking for money and if you didn’t pay, he would set the bin alight. However he never rang the doorbell to ask for money. I just called the police station and found out that no one has put a charge in, therefore no one was arrested and he walks free to do it again.”

Kirstenhof police spokesperson Warrant Officer Deirdre Solomon said: “According to the patrol vehicle that was on duty, they received a complaint on the community radio and when they arrived on the scene there was no one. No arrests were made and no other incidents to that effect were reported.”

The City of Cape Town said residents can apply for replacement bins through its call centre 0860 103 089.

Bins that have been stolen can only be replaced after the theft has been reported to police. Sometimes the City charges a tariff if the bin owner has be found to be negligent. The current replacement costs of a bin is R610,30 including VAT.