Looking back on Wynberg’s past

Wynberg Rewind, a public event taking place at the Mummadeyah Primary School on Saturday September 24, will be an opportunity for residents to reflect on the history of their community.

Wynberg residents are being asked to reflect on the past this Heritage Day as part of an oral history project.

“Wynberg Rewind” will be held at the Muhammadeyah Primary School on Saturday September 24. The public event is a chance for a community to look back on its history, according to the organisers, the Wynberg East Civic Association (WECA) and the Cape Family Research Forum (CFRF).

Historian and author Dr Helen Robinson will lead a talk on unpublished information from her doctoral thesis, Beyond the City Limits: People and Property at Wynberg 1795 – 1927, and her book, Wynberg – A Special Place.

Keith Richardson, the former principal of Wynberg Boys’ High School, will talk about the history of the Battswood School and its founder Martha Grey.

Other speakers include the Wynberg 7, seven students arrested during protests in 1985; journalist, activist and author, Zubeida Jaffer; and businesses whose histories were built in Wynberg like Babu’s Footwear and Luxurama.

“South Africa has a very diverse society, and we need to enjoy this diversity by engaging in cross-cultural and religious activity for better understanding and to give voice to the rights of marginalised communities,” the civic association said in a statement.

For more information, call Muneerah Karriem at 079 310 2646 or 082 620 2120