Mavis was the matriarch of the family

Mavis Kessler (neé Donaldson) died at the age of 92.

Paul Kessler of Southfield and Greg Kessler of Plumstead.

Mavis Kessler (neé Donaldson) died at the age of 92 to join her beloved husband Edgar who passed away in 1993.

This great and much-loved lady was born on June 4, 1926 and died on Thursday September 6.

She was the eldest sister to Daphne, Betty, Lionel and Douglas, also the mother of three children, grandmother of eight grandchildren and great-grandmother of five.

Christened Agnes Mavis, she was always known and called Mavis to all that knew her.

Her early school years were in a convent at Nazareth Home with the nuns’ strict discipline of education and religion, which was the grounding for Mavis and where she was well versed in the English language.

With a flair for numbers she had a short career in finances and Colonial Mutual and in 1948, one day after her 22nd birthday, she married Edgar John Paul Kessler and they had three children – Eileen, Paul and Gregory.

After marriage, Mavis became a home executive, always there for the family and ran the household, healed the wounds and nursed the sick.

Mavis did not like any conflict and would sort a problem out before it festered. Being able to listen to someone’s concerns, comment and give sound advice she was respected as the “matriarch” of the large family.

Spelling or the meaning of words was her game, not only Scrabble but by often filling in the crossword puzzles, even the cryptic ones, winning some cash prizes in crossword competitions.

In her 50s she joined her husband at the Plumstead Bowling Club and went from novice to club champion over many events.

In her bowls career, she made many new friends and progressed up the ranks from tea and snacks lady to becoming president of the club on three occasions. The Plumstead Bowling Club thanked her with a life membership
for all her dedicated work.

She enjoyed life and was wide awake and could hold a conversation with anyone to the very end.

She touched many hearts on her journey and will be remembered by many for a long time to come, may she rest in peace.

A quote to sum up from Rachel Maddow:

“If you’re someone people count on, particularly in difficult moments, that’s a sign of a life lived honourably”.