Picking shouldn’t be encouraged

Gwyn Phillips, Pekalmy

I was a little shocked to read the headline in last week’s Bulletin (“Bin picking an asset”, Bulletin October 12).

While understanding the needs of the “picking’’ community, I don’t think it should be encouraged. That was the impression I got when reading your article. Residents should be encouraged to take their recyclables to the various schools and other facilities in their areas and not “leave packets’’ on their bins. Cardboard left sticking out of bins and advertising Panasonic, LG etc only advertise to the criminal element that someone has just got a new TV or computer. When we see and hear the tins, bottles, plastic etc being emptied into the refuse trucks, it is obvious that people are too lazy to separate and recycle. In the same Bulletin, Fiona Chisholm highlights the great work that Willy Webb and her team are doing at Bergvliet Primary School. They should indeed be praised and advertised.