Practise what you preach

Richard Poulter, Tokai

This morning (Saturday) at 11am in a strong south-easter, the municipality was merrily wasting mains (presumably) water by watering the roundabout at Tokai and Orpen roads.

I would think there was more evaporation than any benefit to the sparse vegetation growing there.

Surely they should abide by their own rules and set an example? As mayor Patricia de Lille correctly says, “You can only save water while you still have some.”

Come on, City of Cape Town, practise what you preach.

* The City’s media office responded saying the watering of the circle is not done by the City but by the Steenberg Estate and from what they understand it is treated effluent.

* John Sterrenberg, Steenberg Estate Manager responds: I can confirm that the golf course and estate gardens are irrigated with treated effluent in terms of a valid “water use licence” and are exempt from the current water restrictions. Despite this, however, the estate is acutely aware of wastage and, to this end, ensures that the irrigation system is controlled and inspected daily, weekends included.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when, as a result of wind and/or the sprinkler head being knock off its axis, the water jet is misdirected; in windy conditions the system is shut down and heads adjusted as soon as it is discovered or reported.

Be assured that everything possible is done in order to prevent loss or wastage.