Put dogs on a leash

John Carstens, Meadowridge

Regarding Fiona’s Out and About column about cyclists’ behaviour (“What happened to that agreement that cyclists must have a bell or timeously warn pedestrians?”, >Bulletin November 3).

What about the behaviour of pedestrians walking dogs? I am a cyclist and have an electronic bell fitted to my bicycle. I use the tarred section of the Keyser River path twice a day and have to ask, What about the municipal by-law that states that all dogs must be on leads?

This is an extract of an email received from the municipality: “The area referred to
between Beatrice
Close and Westridge Close Constantia is zoned Public Open Space and therefore dogs have to be on a leash and under control.

“We are in the process acquiring new signage and this will be visible at the entrances to the site.”

If a small dog, dancing and yapping around a cyclist’s front wheel mis-steps, the combined weight of the bicycle and the rider will harm it if run over,
even at less than
walking speed. Sooner or later this will happen and again the cyclist will get the blame instead of the offending dog owner.

Leash your dogs!