Saved a costly catastrophe

Eddie Hammond, Constantia

On Sunday last I pulled up at the pumps at Total Garage on Tokai Road, the service station I invariably use when not out of town.

Being a creature of habit I bought my daily and sat reading the headlines after instructing the attendant to fill up with diesel. It suddenly occurred to me that the diesel delivery hose was still on its cradle. I leapt out the car literally and was horrified to learn that the attendant had filled the car with petrol.

Naturally I cried blue murder and the station manager was on the scene within minutes, and he called Craig the owner who apparently lives nearby and he too was there within minutes. Realising we had a serious matter at hand Craig drained the petrol with a 12v pump, disconnecting the direct line from the tank.

Forty-five litres would take some time to drain and so Craig took me to my meeting place nearby and two hours later phoned to say all was now done.

Thank you Craig because had the petrol reached the motor it would have been a costly catastrophe.

I suppose the fault was mine, taking things for granted. Even though the red fuel cap states “diesel”. It would be remiss of me not to publicly thank Craig whose action was prompt and professional thus retaining a long time customer.

I trust the petrol attendant was made aware of the difference. It could have been a very costly mistake.