Road changes proposed for Wynberg road couplet

A detail design of road changes to accomodate a Main Road and Brodie Road Couplet in Wynberg is open for public comment until Friday May 5. Photograph: Karen Watkins

To roll-out the MyCiTI service to Wynberg, the City of Cape Town is busy finalising a detail design for a set of parallel one-way streets along Main Road and Brodie Road.

Permanent and partial road closures as well as directional changes to a number of side roads intersecting with Main Road and the newly aligned Brodie Road are being proposed to accommodate the Wynberg couplet.

Residents have until Friday May 5 to comment on these proposed changes, as well as the proposed kerbside stop locations for the MyCiTi bus service. Public information days will be held at the Wittebome Civic Centre on Tuesday April 18, or at the Alphen Centre on Thursday April 20.

According to the City, the Wynberg road couplet scheme was approved in 2002, and in 2016 and 2019 the City of Cape Town Council approved the concept design of the MyCiTi trunk routes to connect the metro-south east with Wynberg and Claremont. The couplet scheme will now be implemented for the roll-out of the MyCiTi service in Wynberg where buses will travel along the Main/Brodie Road couplet to and from the Wynberg public transport interchange (PTI).

Following the detail design of the Wynberg couplet:

  • Main Road (M4) will be reconfigured into a two-lane carriageway in a southerly direction between Riverstone (M152)/Wetton Road (M9) and Kemms Road, towards Plumstead.
  • Brodie Road will be reconfigured into a two-lane carriageway in a northerly direction between Kemms Road and Riverstone (M152)/Wetton Road (M9), towards Kenilworth.
  • The couplet will include six new signalised intersections to regulate and improve traffic flow and road safety.
  • Six kerbside MyCiTi stops are proposed, two along the new Brodie Road carriageway; and four along the Main Road carriageway.

The following streets will be impacted, either through proposed directional changes, or proposed changes in access to and from the couplet: Church Street, Dinsley Road, Millbank Road, Brodie Road, Maynard Road, Ebor Road, York Road, Piers Road, Egglestone Road, Benjamin Road, Wellington Road, Langley Road, Wilson Road, Malton Road, Stilton Road.

Proposed full closures will impact Kemms Road, with no access to the Main Road and Glaren and Tenby Road are to be reconfigured into the new Brodie Road carriageway.

“The roll-out of the MyCiTi service will transform Wynberg with much-needed scheduled public transport for those commuting between Wynberg and the metro south-east. The service will integrate with the Wynberg and Wittebome rail stations and Wynberg public transport facility so that commuters can easily change from one mode of public transport to another,” the City said in a statement.

Mayoral committee member for urban mobility, Rob Quintas says the couplet will improve traffic flow by turning a section of Main Road into a one-way for those travelling south, with Brodie Road accommodating traffic in a northerly direction.

As these will be two-lane carriageways, traffic will be less impacted when public transport vehicles stop for passengers to get on or off as there will be a passing lane available.

“The City is making a substantial investment in the upgrade of road infrastructure in greater Wynberg which will transform this area and ignite urban regeneration. Apart from the benefits to commuters, the investment will have a positive impact on local businesses, and all other visitors using the roads or pedestrianised areas. As this rejuvenation expands, the whole of Wynberg sets to benefit, inclusive of local residents and property owners,” Mr Quintas said.

According to the Ward 62 councillor Emile Langenhoven plans for the Brodie road couplet celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.

“The concept of the Brodie Road bypass, which was changed from cutting through Maynardville Park into Waterloo Road, has been on the cards since Wynberg had its own council. Many residents have been aware of the couplet, but have never been certain of timelines. The timelines have become clear over the past year, and affected residents have been consulted with by City officials. As an amateur historian, I believe Wynberg will be going through another cycle of rebirth and renewal, and that residents of Wynberg are ready for this change.”

Mr Langenhoven anticipates that the Brodie Road couplet will be a catalytic project that will accelerate the urban regeneration of Wynberg. There are, however, several important goals that need to be achieved to make this project a success.

“These goals include improved flow of traffic, enabling better traffic enforcement and reducing the flow of taxis through the residential areas of Wynberg through total or partial road closures. The conceptual designs also require the inclusion of softening the urban landscape by adding open spaces and greenery where previously, hard surfaces were envisaged as part of the design.”

Roelou Slabbert, chair of the Wynberg Improvement District, said they support the MyCiTi bus project. “We think it will provide a safe public transport option to commuters who travel to and from Wynberg. We are also excited for the massive investment into urban infrastructure that will come with it. The board believes that improved infrastructure in and around the CBD will assist our efforts to provide better public safety and a cleaner environment.”

To comment, attend the public information days on Tuesday April 18 at the Wittebome Civic Centre, or on Thursday April 20 at the Alphen Centre; visit the City’s website at; send an email to; or written comments may be submitted at Sub-council 20, Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia.

The map shows how Brodie Road in Wynberg will be realigned to form a two-lane carriageway in a northerly direction towards Kenilworth; simultaneously, Main Road will be turned into a two-lane carriageway in a southerly direction towards Plumstead. GRAPHIC: City of Cape Town