Telkom woes

Michele Booth, Constantia 

Having seen your newspaper article, I felt I had to write and tell you my Telkom story.

In January of this year, I phoned and then confirmed in writing with Telkom that I was cancelling the Internet section of my Telkom, but retaining the land line as it connects to my alarm system. I was assured this was no problem and would happen in February. On the Thursday January 18, I confirmed in writing that this would take place and that my direct debit would be reduced from R648 to R199.

On Friday February 16, I filled in consumer contract and service cancellation forms.

The Telkom Service Cancellations wrote to me on the 16th February saying the internet service would be cancelled in 21 working days.

Since then I have been in monthly contact with Telkom, I have written over 20 emails and had a friend from Telkom actually go and try and sort this out personally. All to no avail. Both my friend and I are told on countless times that I will in future only be charged the R199, but the direct debit stays at R648 and the bank will not let me cancel part of the direct debit and I can’t cancel it all or my alarm is no longer connected.

I have copies of all the correspondence.

Honestly, I have never in my entire life had to deal with quite this level of inefficiency.