Thanks for support

Frances Letcher, Constantia

On Wednesday evening (May 25) at approximately 9.40pm three men removed our automatic gates from their tracks and walked in through our unlocked backed door into our kitchen. As they walked in my son was also entering the kitchen from the hallway. The armed men wearing beanies proceeded to ransack the house, taking mainly cellphones, wallets, electrical items, clothes, jewellery and any other small items of value. My son was held up at gunpoint while the rest of the family was upstairs watching television and totally oblivious to what was happening downstairs.

I am writing in to say a big thank you to ADT and the police for their quick response. They were excellent, unfortunately I didn’t take down names but they will know who they are. The police did their homework and only left our home at 2am. Unfortunately, the criminals got away but we felt 100% supported.

I want to take this opportunity to warn people not to be slack with their security like we were. Check that your automatic gates have brackets to prevent them from being lifted, set your alarms, let the dogs roam free and make sure that you lock your doors. We could have prevented this if we were more vigilant. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Crime is on the increase, be careful.