Tokai mugging warning

A sunny Saturday walk turned sour when a Tokai woman was mugged.

The woman said she had been walking along Forest Avenue, not far from Pollsmoor Prison,at 7.10am, when she was attacked.

She spoke to the Bulletin about her ordeal on Monday. Still traumatised, she did not want to be named but wanted to warn others to take care.

“I often walk or run in this area, and there are always people running, walking, walking their dogs and security vehicles around,” she said.

Without warning a man crept up behind her, grabbed her neck, and pushed her to the ground. She said she had passed out for a few seconds before coming round, gasping for breath and unable to scream as she fought to get the man off her.

He asked for her phone, which she did not have. He took her iPod and exercise watch. She could not identify him except that he was wearing black.

She shouted for help and rang about 10 doorbells before someone, a nurse, eventually answered.

The woman sustained grazes and bruising from the tarmac and a cut on her lip.

The residents called Kirstenhof police and the security company.

They arrived soon afterwards and looked for the mugger, but he remains at large.

The woman is undergoing counselling with Kirstenhof police.

Captain Edgar Jones of Kirstenhof police confirmed that a case has been opened and said no arrest has been made.

Anyone with information can contact Captain Paul Alexander at 021 702 8900.