Woman robbed, pepper-sprayed in robbery


Two couples were robbed in their homes over the weekend and police are warning residents to lock their doors and be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, even in their own homes.

On Saturday May 28 a Constantia woman was pepper-sprayed by burglars. The woman opened her back door to let the dogs out at 6.30am. As she returned to make tea, three men entered the property and pepper-sprayed her in the face.

“Her husband came to her aid but he was threatened with a knife and told that if he didn’t comply, his wife would be killed. The men then proceeded to ransack the house taking with them a number of items including laptops, cellphones and money,” Warrant Officer Keith Chandler of Diep River police said. “The suspects also took the residents’ keys and a white VW Polo Vivo and silver Mercedes Benz.”

In another incident a Plumstead couple were robbed in their home by two knife-wielding men in the early evening of Friday May 27.

“The suspects apparently jumped over the back wall and entered the house through the kitchen door. The couple were forced into the bedroom where they were tied up and threatened to not make a sound,” Warrant Officer Chandler said.

“Their home was then ransacked by the suspects who stole money, laptops, cellphones and other items. The suspects then fled the same way that they entered.”

On both occasions the police forensic unit took evidence at the homes and the neighbourhood watches combed the surrounding area but no arrests have been made yet.

Anyone with information about the Constantia burglary can contact Detective Warrant Officer Steven Young at 021 710 7342 and if you can help with the investigation into the Plumstead burglary, contact Detective Warrant Officer Steven Young at 021 710 7342.

* On Tuesday May 31, at about 1.45am, two people were driving home when they stopped behind a Mercedes Benz at the stop sign under the bridge in Cannon Road, Plumstead.

The Mercedes went over the stop sign and stopped dead. Three men jumped out and ran to the car at the stop street and pointed a gun at the driver’s head.

“The suspects threatened to shoot the driver and the passenger if they did not co-operate,” Warrant Officer Chandler said. “The suspects spoke broken Afrikaans and used a lot of gangster slang.”

The men searched the pair and took their money, cellphones, a tablet and the radio face.

Anyone with information, can call Detective Warrant Officer Steven Lewis at 021 710 7342.