Different traffic rules

Carol Gahwiler, Bergvliet

On February 27 I contacted Cheryl Manuel of the traffic department to find out their email address, which was duly given to me.

My complaint is that I was fined R1 500 because I did not stop before the line of a stop street.

I saw a traffic police car go over three stop streets including the one at which I was fined, without stopping before the line.

Are there different rules for us?

It happened at the corner of Waterford and Coronation roads at Steurhof station at about 10am, on Wednesday February 22. The car licence plate was CA1182405.

I have sent three emails which have been ignored. When I phone it is either engaged or it rings a few times and rings off.

I do not know what to do next.

* Richard Bosman, executive director for safety and security, responds:

Should the driver feel her fine was issued unfairly, then she can make a representation to the prosecutor to have it withdrawn. This request must be in writing. With regards to allegations of misconduct by staff, as referred to by the complainant, she can make contact with the traffic chief in order to have it investigated by emailing details to traffic.services@capetown.gov.za