Disregard for traffic signs

David Wantling, Constantia

I am appalled at the standard of driving seen around the Bergvliet, Meadowridge, and lower Constantia.

Motorists seem to display a complete disregard for the speed limit, which should be 50km/* in the suburban side streets.

And as for three-way or four-way stop streets, they do not even hesitate, let alone slow down or stop. The three-way stop on Edison Drive and Huxley going up to the Engen Service Station or the four-way stop on Old Kendal and Boundary roads are good examples.

Walloon Road into Van Ryn Street is like a race track and is also used as a taxi route which does not help matters.

The aggression shown by some of these drivers is absurd and it sadly will not be long before there is a

tragic accident because many of these cars have children as passengers.