Enough money to replace bench

Gwyn Phillips, Bergvliet

I was shocked to read SANParks spokeswoman Merle Collins’s response to Ernie Durra’s very valid request for a bench replacement (“In need of bench replacement,” Bulletin April 12).

I trust hundreds of fellow mountain users feel the same way.

I wonder how many people have enjoyed a break sitting at that bench appreciating the wonderful views.

SANParks has enough money to furnish a huge fleet of Toyota 4×4’s yet cannot find a few hundred rand to finance a bench replacement. Shame on you.

You further have the arrogance to ask members of the public willing to fund a replacement to contact one of your colleagues.

Where is all the money going to from our Wild Cards and the Silvermine gate takings? Shame on you.

I hope you have a rethink on your stance.

* This letter was sent to Ms Collins on April 13 and April 17 but she did not respond by the time this edition went to print.