Last survivor still around

Maureen Hendrikse, Orchard Village

I was so interested to read your article on Oude Raapkraal (“Red light for farm rezoning”, Bulletin, June 9). I am one of the last surviving family members of the homestead, as my late husband, Syd, was born there in 1930.

My parents-in-law lived there from approximately 1926, my eldest brother-in-law, my husband and sister were all born there. At the time they had a dairy farm there and only moved away in about 1932.

About 12 years ago, my husband and I, with our children as well as grandchildren, asked permission from the tenants to come and see Oude Raapkraal, so that they could see their dad’s birthplace.

My father-in-law’s brother, Henry, lived in the one cottage, which eventually became Westlake Golf Clubhouse.

My late husband’s grandfather built the church on the Main Road, Lakeside, for the wedding of my parents-in-law in 1926, and it still stands.

When Syd, my husband, passed away in 2007, the congregation was told they would be driving right past his birthplace from Steenberg Road, on the way to tea at his beloved Westlake Golf Club, where he had been a member for many years.

A very well-written article, thank you.