Life coach’s book to inspire the hopeless

Rex Hilliers book, Last Round. Cheers! From Alcoholic Insanity to Hope. A True Story.

Personal development consultant, life coach, author and speaker Rex Hillier, from Diep River, launched his book, Last Round. Cheers! From Alcoholic Insanity to Hope. A True Story on Monday November 13 at Rondebosch Boys’ High School.

The book is about addiction, recovery and beyond. It is Mr Hillier’s “journey of self discovery” and deals with alcoholism while focusing on spiritual growth.

The book is not only a helpful guide to the addict and the person on their way to recovery but also the person closest to the addict.

Mr Hillier said the book is a true story of an alcoholic’s life-long struggle with alcoholism, “It journeys through the excruciatingly painful depths of alcoholic degeneration, yet also scales the majestic peaks of spiritual freedom.

“The story reveals the desperate human need for a meaningful and purposeful life rather than an obviously chaotically wasted one. Perseverance, hope, faith and seasons of despair and self-loathing are part of this real life drama,” said Mr Hillier.

He said the feedback and support on both the book and the event has been positive, with 120 people attending the launch and approximately 80 books being sold.

Mr Hillier would like his book to reach as many people as possible

“ I shall be approaching independent booksellers with a view to their stocking the book and hosting book launches. I have been asked to give talks at a number of functions and gatherings including Rotary and corporate. My talks will touch on the book but go much further. I talk about beyond recovery, and it is in this ‘going beyond’ that my focus of attention is centred,” he said. Contact Mr Hillier on or 084 864 8140.