More on bin pickers

Ursula Schenker, Plumstead

Although many elderly residents are pleased that Mr Shelly is once again gainfully employed; have empathy with Stephanie and Theo, who should consider applying for the Social Relief In Distress Grant; and commend Ms Jones on her “tangible” solution-driven effort, the reality, to eliminate the mess left behind by the waste reclaimers, may not be diminished (“Get to know your bin pickers,“ Bulletin July 22).

However, mayoral committee member for water and waste Xanthea Limberg’s comments that the municipalities and the packaging industry are charged with integrating the waste pickers seem quite superfluous, as, surely, the municipality’s primary objective should be, as described in our constitution, “to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner and… to promote a safe and healthy environment…”

If, as Ms Limberg reiterates, the waste pickers are here to stay, surely it would make sense for her department to issue them – the more than 4 450 – with some form of waste reclaimers’ identity card, which can also be displayed on their “transport”, in order to alleviate some of the “trauma” experienced by residents in the community at large on waste collection day and assist with her department’s monitoring and evaluation processes to ultimately eliminate the disheartened feeling by residents of being short-changed by their elected service providers.