Well done, Bergvliet High matrics

Some of Bergvliet High School’s matriculants with principal Patricia Demas.

Patricia Demas, Principal of Bergvliet High School

The matric class of 2023, with a 99.5% pass rate, has exceeded our expectations, and we are so proud of each one of them – 190 pupils wrote the 2023 matric exams and 189 have passed.

The one pupil who did not achieve a pass is assured of our continued support to ensure that they successfully enrol for the supplementary exams in June.

Out of 190 pupils, 86.8% achieved Bachelor passes.

In the top 10 we have Ethan Melvill (89%) with seven distinctions; Brayden Brown (88,14%) with seven distinctions; Jenna Meyer (85.43%) with six distinctions, Gabriella Clarke (85.29%) with six distinctions; Mughammad Ashraf van der Schyff (83.43%) with six distinctions; Uzayr Nordien (83.14%) with six distinctions; Abigail Nomdo (82.71%) with five distinctions; (Mordecai May (82.29%) with four distinctions; Jade Maregele (82%) with five distinctions; and Tristan van Eeden (81.43%) with five distinctions

We also achieved 38 more A’s than last year across several subjects.

We acknowledge the significant role the primary schools have played in the lives of these learners and the parents who entrusted their children to our care. They laid the foundation, provided the necessary support to this amazing group of young adults and allowed us as the staff of Bergvliet High School to develop and nurture them further.

We also thank the staff who taught these pupils over the past five years for the role they played in their success.

We recall that this group of matriculants were in Grade 9 during the Covid pandemic and despite the challenges they faced during that difficult period, they all pulled through to 2023.

There was significant emotional trauma endured by several pupils and not only their respective families but everyone around them. Supported by family, the school and friends, they found the strength to persevere and shine through to successfully complete their matric year. You are heroes in our eyes.