Heathfield station in a sad state

Leon Oosthuizen, Heathfield

It is sad to see the state of Heathfield station, which has been neglected to such a degree that residents on both sides of the railway line feel unsafe when utilising the area. We have personally witnessed muggings in the station parking area.

The rail network should serve as a platform to relieve the congestion on the road traffic system, and the station should offer a safe environment for people commuting. All the lights have been stolen as there is minimal security at the station.

One of our neighbours witnessed vandals stealing the lights and called the police but got no response. They then called the local security company and because they are not registered with them (they have only just moved down from Johannesburg) they refused to come out.

There are currently a few homeless people living at the station. We had to intervene on Saturday December 3 when one decided to make a fire in the parking area to burn plastic off copper wire that they had come by.

A parking lot that was well used now stands derelict.

One has to ask who is responsible for the maintenance and security of the station as they are falling short of their mandate.

• The Bulletin received no reply from the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa at the time of publishing.