What has society become?

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

I came upon an upturned bottle in Plumstead, in a quiet parking lot, with the top squashed into a small hole. Worried a car might be damaged if the bottle was reversed into, I pulled it out and discovered the depths to which our society has sunk. A dead lizard was obviously put in there while it was still alive, then died due to the horrible heat we had had that day.

Someone suggested to me he was dead already when put inside. However, I heard a horrible clinking noise while turning the bottle around to see what was in it. No animal “baked” to the point of sounding like a piece of wood when turning the bottle would still be in one piece if it was pushed in when dead. He would have broken into a few pieces at least.

I took the bottle home, washed it thoroughly and stared at what society has become. While we have amazing people, some have lost their humanity, their kindness and caring for other people and the animals with whom we share this planet. I am angry and sickened but above all sad. This tiny creature represents for me the opposite of the beauty of which human hands are capable.